About us

With the Gender Minorities in Math at Wisconsin (GmMaW, pronounced “gee-maw”) group, we want to create a supportive community and provide opportunities for professional development for women and gender minorities in the Mathematics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. To this end, we organize many events throughout the year, including weekly study sessions, workshops to create personal websites, and lunches with our invited speakers. We also participate in outreach programs through the UW Mentorship program for women in Math and Science and working with local Girl Scouts.

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Related groups and resources:

Girls Math Night Out! (UW Mentorship program for women in Math and Science): Many of the female faculty, staff, and graduate students volunteer to mentor talented highschool girls, working in groups through a mathematical project over the course of a couple months. For more information, please contact professor Tullia Dymarz at dymarz(a)  webpage


Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

AWM Mentor network

Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI)

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Fellowships from American Association of University Women

Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Women and Mathematics program

WIM at University of Maryland (they have an extensive list of useful links)

Thanks to…

…Betsy Stovall, Autumn Kent, and Tullia Dymarz, as well as many of the professors at Wisconsin, for their continued help, support, and guidance in organizing and running our programs.

WISELI and VIGRE for generous past financial support and the University of Wisconsin – Madison Mathematics department for current support.

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Our faculty contact is Betsy Stovall. Our student contacts are Maya Banks, Allison Byars, and Amelia Stokolosa.